Sport kite designs

These kites are available on a made to order basis.
They are hand constructed using the highest quality, affordable components available.
For more information on how I can create the kite you want, please contact me

"Temptation" Standard - 7 ft. wingspan freestyle "trick" kite

"Temptation" UL - 7 ft. wingspan Ultralight freestyle "trick" kite

A budget version of the Temptation Standard sport kite is also available as factory produced item from Gomberg Kite Productions International

Developed for 2015 release, and now available

"Krios" Standard - 2.35 metre wingspan polyvalent freestyle kite

... and coming soon!

"Krios" Ultralight - 2.35 metre wingspan Ultralight polyvalent freestyle kite

Or would you prefer something totally unique?
How about your own design on the sport kite of your choice?
Here are some I've created specially to request - from customer sketch to finished product...